Ana Claudia Talancón & Ignacio Serricchio chats about the new series EL RECLUSO


Premiering on September 25, El Recluso, the new series from Telemundo. El Recluso follows the shocking story of Lázaro Mendoza, a ex-Marine, who enters a maximum security prison on the Mexican-American border to investigate the abduction of a prominent American judge’s daughter. The series has 13 episodes.

El Recluso is an adaptation of the Argentine television series called El Marginal, which was created by Sebastián Ortega and Adrián Caetano. Produced in Mexico with locations in Mexico City and on the border between the two countries, El Recluso stars Argentine actor Ignacio Serricchio, in the role of Lázaro Mendoza and Dante Pardo, Mexican actress Ana Claudia Talancón as a penal social worker, Luis Felipe Tovar, David Chocarro, Tiaré Scanda, Guy Ecker, Isabella Castillo, and others.

I had the opportunity to talk with the actors Ignacio Serricchio and Ana Claudia Talancón about the new series, the preparation for their roles, what we can expect, and more.

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