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Jana On Camera

Aside of being young at heart, I’m daughter, wife, mom, friend, journalist, producer, programmer, editor, occasional voice over, etc.. and yes in this order.
I’m Brazilian, originally from São Paulo and I moved to the US almost 18 years ago to pursue my masters degree in Broadcast Communication. I love all forms of artist manifestations especially movies and music! #movielover. My addictions are brigadeiro (it’s a unique Brazilian chocolate fudge), dulce de leche, caramel macchiato…
I just moved to Los Angeles, California!!!! And I will keep you up-to-date with the Golden State news!!!! You can follow me @janaoncamera or or on my You Tube channel Jana On Camera

REMINISCENCE | Entrevista com a atriz Natalie Martinez

Memórias sendo investigadas, Miami debaixo d’água e Hugh Jackman como protagonista? Esses são alguns dos elementos do novo thriller de ação da Warner Bros. Pictures, REMINISCENCE. Da roteirista, diretora e produtora Lisa […]