Angry Birds 2 is on the works


Columbia Pictures announced today, May 22, it will be re-teaming with Rovio Entertainment Ltd. for The Angry Birds Movie 2. The animated sequel comes following the success of The Angry Birds Movie, which slingshot to nearly $350 million in worldwide box office and launched a global movie brand.

The film is set to hit theaters on September 20, 2019, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the original hit Angry Birds game. Thurop Van Orman will direct the film. The film will be co-directed by John Rice, who served as lead storyboard artist on “The Angry Birds Movie” and directed the “Angry Birds Hatchlings” shorts. It will be produced by John Cohen, who was a producer the first one as well, and Peter Ackerman is already working on the screenplay.

Sony Pictures Imageworks will once again be handling the animation for the film, which will be with the collaboration of Sony Pictures Animation.

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