Director Gregory Nava on the importance to watch EL NORTE on September 15

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and the 35thAnniversary of EL NORTE with a new state-of-the-art restoration by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; in this exclusive one-day-only Fathom Event on Sunday, September 15th at 2 PM nationwide (Click here to check the closest movie theater).

EL NORTE’s compassionate portrayal of refugees seeking asylum in El Norte (word used by the ones who lives in South America to relate to the United States) is more relevant today than when it first debuted in 1984.

I had the opportunity to chat with director Gregory Nava when we spoke about the importance to rerelease of the movie, why the story is so relevant right now, and more.

To get tickets

The Fathom Events presentation of EL NORTE is the film’s first theatrical release since it debuted in U.S. theaters in early 1984, and will be shown in a newly restored version of the film that Nava produced with the help of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

All attendees can receive a free 30 day trial offer to Pantaya at this exclusive one day only Fathom Event on Sunday, September 15th at 2 PM.

Following this special event, Lionsgate will release EL NORTE on digital formats on September 17.

More about the film

El_Norte_2000x3000Nominated for an Oscar® for its emotional and compassionate screenplay, written by Nava and Anna Thomas, EL NORTE was named to the U.S. National Film Registry in 1995. The film follows the struggle of two siblings, Rosa (Gutierréz) and Enrique (Villalpando) as they flee military violence and terror in their small rural home in Guatemala. They have heard stories of the promise of el Norte, or “the North,” and when their home is massacred by the military, they decide to make the dangerous trek through Mexico and into the United States. Once there, Rosa and Enrique discover that their arduous journey is far from over, and that the dangers they face as immigrants are different, but no less life-threatening, than the dangers they thought they left behind.

EL NORTE features a cast filled with noted Hispanic performers, led by Gutiérrez and Villalpando and also including Lupe Ontiveros, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Enrique Castillo and Tony Plana.

The screening includes an introduction by Director Gregory Nava and a featurette discussing the making of the film with stars, Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez and David Villalpando. All attendees can receive a free 30 day trial offer to Pantaya atthis exclusive one day only Fathom Event on Sunday, September 15that 2 PM. 

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