ENHANCED | Interview with George Tchortov & Alanna Bale

What would you do if you had mutant powers? That is the premise of ENHANCED, a sci-fi movie movie that is available now On Demand.

ENHANCED follows private military officer George Shepherd, played by George Tchortov, who specializes in capturing mutant fugitives. A super mutant David, portrayed by Chris Mark, has emerged who is hunting other enhanced allies in order to gain power. George must join forces with an unlikely partner to end David’s mutant killing spree. ENHANCED also stars Alanna Bale, Adrian Holmes, Eric Hicks, Michael J. Delaney and Patrick Sabongui.

The film is directed by former stuntman James Mark, whose stunt credits include “SHAZAM!”, “Pacific Rim” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”.

For this movie, I had the opportunity to speak with actors George Tchortov & Alanna Bale. We chatted about stunts, which is something new to Alanna and she learned a lot from George, They also told about the fun stuff that happened on set, the challenges, and more.

Check it out the excusive interview, via zoom, with the talented actors:

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