Exclusive Interview: Becky G chats about A-X-L

Becky G, A-X-L & Alex. (Cortesia Global Road)

Becky G, A-X-L & Alex Neustaedter. (Cortesia Global Road)

“Man’s Best Friend Has Evolved!” This phrase resumes what this movie is about. You can’t miss A-X-L, the timeless, epic movie for the whole family, and see how a down-on-his luck teenage bike rider forms an emotional bond with an advanced, robotic, military dog named A-X-L.

Written and directed by Oliver Daly, A-X-L already in theaters since August 24th!

I had the opportunity to speak over the phone with singer and actress Becky G, who plays Sara. We spoke about the story, practical and CGI effects, representation, and more.

Check it out the audio below:

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