Indie film “30 Days with My Brother” hits select theaters


From Left to Right: Actors Adrian Nunez and Omar Mora and Director Michael May talk 30 Days with My Brother.

Director Michael May’s independent film 30 Days with My Brother, is an emotional drama most brothers can surely relate to. The film, which can now be found in select markets through AMC Independent, stars actors Adrian Nuñez and Omar Mora as brothers Jonathan and Alexis.

Mora also share writing and producing credits on 30 Days with My Brother. 

The film which details the heart-warming story of two brothers, who are forced to confront their past and themselves and try to rebuild their relationship, is a highly emotional look at the lives of two Puerto Rican brothers, who at a young age were separated by a tragic event.

“I have a brother who I’m very close to and the relationship between these two brothers affected me on a very personal level and I think it’s a very universal story,” said 30 Days with My Brother Director Michael May. “So, I thought it would be great to try to tell it.”

Mora, who is a doctor and has a private practice, spoke to us about making a transition from the doctor’s office to the film set.

“I’m still a doctor but I just love to do different things,” said Mora in an interview with Jana On Camera. “I had been going to auditions for a while and getting one line here and one line there and getting small roles, you know, straight to DVD, so, I kind of started writing out of necessity so I could play characters who actually had an arch in the story.”

“I started writing a web series, a short film and then I started writing feature films,” explained Mora. “And we were doing a workshop for Paramount Pictures, actually, and I told Mikey [Michael May] I’m going to write a script that I can shoot and I’m going to do it with $10,000 and he turned to me and said ‘Yeah! Do it!’.”

30 DAYS WITH MY BROTHER POSTERAfter 17 years apart, the brothers in 30 Days with My Brother reunite. Alex has become a doctor and harbors a secret, while Jonathan is a dark, somber character who is still clinging on to the past.

“Jonathan is a beautiful character. He has a very strong personality but at the same time he’s very fragile emotionally,” said Nuñez.

However, all three men have brothers and agree on just how relatable the film is.

“I have two brothers and though we don’t live close to each other because we’re in different states, we’re always just a phone call away and have a close relationship,” said Mora.

“Yeah, I have a brother and a sister and though my sister lives in Miami and my brother is still back home in Puerto Rico, we definitely have a close-knit relationship,”added Nuñez.

“I wish I was physically closer to them but distance doesn’t really change anything in the amount of closeness or love. I think having a brother or just a sibling is one of the deepest bonds you can have with a person.”

The 30 Days with My Brother cast also includes actresses Stefy Garcia, Evelyn Michelle, Amy Schloerb and actor Enrique Fosse.


You can watch 30 Days with My Brother at the theater locations below:

New York City – Empire 25 – 234 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036

New Jersey – Jersey Gardens 20 – 651 Kapkowski Road Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Miami – Sunset Place 24 – 5701 Sunset Drive Suite 300 South Miami, FL 33143

Orlando – Universal Cineplex 20 – 6000 Universal Blvd #740 Orlando, FL 32819

Los Angeles – LAEMMLE Theater- Music Hall – 9036 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Los Angeles – AMC Burbank Town Center 8 – 201 E. Magnolia Blvd. #345 Burbank, CA 91501

Orange County – AMC Orange 30 – 20 City Blvd West Ste E Orange, CA 92868

Chicago – AMC Ford City 14 – 7601 South Cicero Ave., Chicago, IL 60652

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