Kevin Hart tells us all about Central Intelligence

Kevin Hart has his hands full with an assortment of different comedy and film productions. But the “Seriously Funny” comedian says he doesn’t mind one bit. He’s been juggling several projects including his recently launched “Hustle Hart” cross-training shoe in collaboration with Nike as well an upcoming sketch-comedy collab with ex-wife Torrei Hart.

Even so, Hart scheduled some time to visit Miami Beach, a place he said has a special place in his heart thanks to his ever-growing Latino fan base, and talk to us about his new fiancé, share behind-the-scenes anecdotes like getting slapped by co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in his latest film “Criminal Intelligence” and improvising during shots to crack laughs out of everyone on set.

In the film,  Hart plays “Calvin” an accountant who “peaked in high school” but whose life takes a surprising turn when he reconnects with old friend Rob Weirddick a.k.a. Bob Stone, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Stone, who was once overweight and bullied in high school, has shed the pounds, put on the muscle and leads an exciting life as as a…you guessed it…C.I.A. agent.

Hart filled us in about what he enjoyed the most about working with “The Rock” and why he really can’t disclose which Latino celebrities he’d like to work with next.

Central Intelligence is in theaters nationwide on Friday, June 17th.

Our Miami based correspondent Daysi Calavia-Robertson sat down with Hart last week to talk about the movie. Watch what Kevin Hart had to say about filming Central Intelligence and working with Dwayne Johnson who he called “one of the biggest superstars around” in our video interview above.

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