Mexican actresses Aislinn Derbez and Camila Sodi chat about Compadres

Mexican actresses Aislinn Derbez & Camila Sodi chatted with Jana On Camera about their characters and what makes a good compadres or comadres.

After being released from prison, former Mexican cop GARZA seeks revenge on SANTOS. Santos has kidnapped his girlfriend MARIA and framed him for a crime he didn’t commit. With the help of his former boss CORONADO, Garza manages to escape with a tip about how to find Santos which leads him to San Diego in search of an “accountant.” This said faccountant is responsible for stealing $10 million dollars from Santos and may know Santos’ whereabouts. When Garza arrives, he is shocked to find that the infamous accountant is a 17 year old American computer hacker named VIC. Despite an immediate disdain for each other, these two divided by culture, language and age, realize that Garza’s low tech brain and Vic’s high tech hacker skills may be their only chance at finding Santos before he finds them.

The film stars Omar Chaparro, Joey Morgan, Erick Elias, Eric Roberts, Kevin Pollack, among others. Compadres was directed by Enrique Begne who also wrote the script alongside Ted Perkins and Gabriel Ripstein.

Check it out!!! Compadres opens tomorrow, April 22, nationwide.

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