The Bride – Interview with Director Paula Ortiz

Jorge Fuembuena

Actress Inma Cuesta on scene of The Bride. (Photo credit: Jorge Fuembuena)

From Outsider Pictures, The Bride – La Novia, original title in Spanish – film from Spanish director Paula Ortiz, based on the play by Federico García Lorca, Bodas de Sangre, which dominated this year’ Goya Awards (Spain’s equivalent to the Oscars) with a total of 12 nominations and two wins for Best Supporting Actress for Luisa Gavasa and Best Cinematography for Migue Amoedo.

Based on the classic play by Federico García Lorca, the film tells the story of a love triangle between two men and a woman, and a passion that can challenge all moral and social rules. On the same day of her wedding, the bride and her lover ran away on horseback, and their disobedience will have devastating consequences. This dramatic and visually interesting production is a contemporary reinterpretation of Spain’s own Mediterranean set against a hypnotic desert landscape.

The film stars Inma Cuesta, Álex García, Asier Etxeandia, Manuela Velles, Leticia Dolera, and others.

Let’s check the interview with the director Paula Ortiz:

Why did you decide to make a new reading of Federico García Lorca’s play, Bodas de Sangre?

Because I believed his work is very modern, both the tragic meaning of human nature and as the technical and aesthetic point of view. The work of Lorca is very rich and you can easily translate to the big screen and also because there are subjects on his play have not been explored yet.

paula ortiz

Director Paula Ortiz (Photo Credit: Outsider Pictures)

Your adaptation is modern and timeless and the scenery is very characteristic of the Lorca’s work. Can you talk a little about that?

The intention was to show the time and space, but not showing the exact time… it could be the 30s, 60s or 70s. We wanted a wide rural area and we found a desert in the Mediterranean and it was possible to create this world with no space and time.

The cast is fantastic. How was the selection process of the actors?

It was a beautiful, interesting and difficult process because, really, in this film the actors had to go deep into the characters. The text is poetic so the actors had to have a very strong control of the text. Also, Lorca’s text has a strong load musical and literary. And we also wanted actors with a well-developed body language, passionate, visceral. So we found Inma Cuesta who play the bride. We had her since the beginning. Then came the two actors Alex Garcia and Aseir.

How was your collaboration with Alex Fuente?

It was very interesting because we’ve known each other for many years and from the beginning he was interested in developing this project to transcribe Lorca’s play to the big screen with me. Here in Spain, people are a little afraid to do, it’s like the Lorca’s words were untouchable. And Alex was not afraid to do, to produce.


The Bride is now playing at

Miami: MDC’s Tower Theatre

Coral Gables: Bill Cosford Cinema

Fort Lauderdale: Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood & Cinema Paradiso-Fort Lauderdale

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